Established in 1878, Richard Thomson has grown to be a $35m company serving over 9,000 customers with its range of 18,000 product lines from 400 suppliers.

As a wholesaler of medical supplies Richard Thomson Pty Ltd provides an economic "one stop shop" service for its customers. Many customers use a variety of products from specialist needles to dressings and vaccines / drugs to sterilisation materials, even garbage bags and jelly beans! It costs money to place orders and administer their payment as well as the time taken to receipt and check the goods and follow up back orders with individual manufacturers.

Richard Thomson Pty Ltd consolidates all of these products into one order, saving you and the manufacturers time and money. Thus Richard Thomson Pty Ltd can often offer you cost savings and better prices than if you were to buy direct from the manufacturers or the supermarket.

Richard Thomson Pty Ltd has a specialist electromedical division which supplies medical centers and hospitals with a variety of equipment such as 12 lead ECG's, Hyfrecators, Monitors, Sterilizers and more. Visit our showroom to see the full range of equipment and furniture available.

Our Sales Representatives are available in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. You can contact them through your local office.

Until 1997 Richard Thomson Pty Ltd was involved in the supply of products to hospitals. Today we are a prime vendor to several private healthcare groups. We not only offer the supply of all consumables products but also service such as delivery to the ward and a range of reports to enable better control and administration of the supply process. To augment this we have specialist customer service operators for the hospital business so that their needs can be catered for.

Richard Thomson Pty Ltd also uses a dedicated courier for the delivery of your orders where possible. This saves money in the form of costs and inefficiencies and improves service to our customers.

Richard Thomson Pty Ltd is a long established business, with all the experience that brings. Others may offer to do it more cheaply but Richard Thomson Pty Ltd offers the best value for money with lower overall costs. We are up-to-date with our systems and have a variety of I.T. solutions to enhance our service. We constantly educate our staff on product and processes, we encourage feedback from customers to improve or change our service. We offer to be a partner to our customers to seek ways to enhance your business through our services.

We would welcome your business if you are not already with us, if you are, ask your sales representative if we can in any way help improve what we do together.